calamitycougar (calamitycougar) wrote,

Ah dun charity werk

   See fo once Ah wuz not the charity cause.  Ah went out and werked to slave tah halp them werse off then mahself.  Ah raised ovah $200 dahlahs.   Man thot is a lot of beer.   Well anyway OkiedokiCoyote, Gah what a long name, he had me come tah this event.  Personally Ah wood call it a Poor man's Nascar.  Yep,  Roller Derby.    At Furst Ah thought Mark Roller wood beh thare but he must git a share of that Roller Money in a check latah on.   See yew got all these women on skates all wanting tah beh the one in the lead.  Now must mix this with mud wrasling and Ah wood beh thare all the time.

Anyway the money goes tah a good cause but Ah missed the thank yew fo meh at the end of the event.  Crud.  Well mahbeh next time.

By the way that Jaguar left his computah on and Ah got a post in on et.  See them spotty cats ain't all thot smart.
Tags: chairety
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