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calamitycougar's Journal
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Monday, July 15th, 2013
1:02 pm
Why Hi thare.
Ah thought Ah should post sum stuff. Hare yew go.

Furst of all thot FFFF thang. Ah em losing to someone named telephone. Really? telephone. Not somethang new like Cel Phone. But to Telephone. This is just sad.

Ah went out fursuiting at a local meet called the Arlington Fur Meet. It was raining but Ah did not let thot stop meh. It also did not stop four othahs.

Seeing Ah em gowhen tah this con here is sum info about it. If yew wood post it on yah own LJ or one of them other new fangled blogs.

Ah now will not post for anothah few months so enjoy this big post of mine.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, Furries of all ages, you are invited to the Greatest convention in the Furry Fandom. We would entice you join us and our Circus family for the 2nd year of Fangcon http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fangcon/ Fangcon. This year in Knoxville, TN. Our convention Circus circuit has us at a new location, Holiday Inn in beautiful Knoxville, TN! www.holidayinnknoxwest.com You may start your planning now and making those reservations for our Oct. 31st to the Nov. 4th long weekend. http://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotel.....?groupCode=FCG You need to get those front row seats now for the best viewing. You should consider up grading those memberships to our Sponsor and Super Sponsor Levels. We will be adding perks as they come in and likely some secret ones too, to be give out at the con.

Under the Big Top
Part of the entertainment planned will be the popular Furry Drama Show. The show will be offering videos and staged acts of comedy, entertainment as well as musicians too. You may submit your acts to them through their FA account.

The Freak Show
We are gathering up the most amazing and wondrous creatures that the world has to offer. You will gaze in astonishment at the truly bizarre we have found. Some of the people have lives that are beyond amazement. You may believe it or you may not!!! Note the extra exclamation points! We could not add those if this were not true.

Carnie Games of Skills
Test your wits, test your agility and see what you can do. We will be offering up a variety of games that you can win prizes at. Our games will have a low cost to you with proceeds to Tiger Haven tigerhaven.org with all sorts of prizes you can win!!!

For your Amazement
Our Schedule of events is posted now!! Not a week before the con, not days or even hours but months in advance. We dare to tread where no other con, furry or otherwise can dare to try, doing work in advance! Go ahead and take a look. If you wish to add your act to the fun and games, contact Draconis and Nightwolf (or whoever) and we will add your panel or event also well in advance of the con. http://fangcon2013.sched.org/

Simply Amazing!!!
Be a part of the excitement, be a part of the fun Benji and Nightwolf will be looking for volunteers of course. When you register you can sign up and be one of our cast. Rub shoulders with some of the most talented Fursonalities in the fandom. http://fangcon.com/registration One of this our Guest of Honor Artist Kyoht!! Watch her at Fangcon as she works the elements totally unprotected!!! You can watch her here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kyoht/ or here:http://kyoht.com

Sell your wares!
We only have a limited amount of tables left as the majority of the dealers will be returning this year. Once again when you register for the con you can sign up to be a dealer also. Tables will be going quick so contacting Shelby Allen and sign up now. http://fangcon.com/registration

While the "official" dates are November 1'st - 3'rd, we will also be doing some fun stuff before the con on October 31'st and after on November 4'th. We'd love to have you join us. You'll be able to hang out with members of the Board of Directors and staff for some activities away from the hotel. Knoxville, TN has tons of things to see and do so we're taking advantage of as much as we can

Fangcon, the Greatest Furry Con in the Fandom! http://fangcon.com/ The greatest Furry Con in the World! As always please share this newsletter on your FA, LJ, your FB or local mailing list or newsletter. We hope to see you there!!!! <<<< See even More exclamation points!
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013
10:35 pm
Ah decided
Tu check out mah friends list on LJ Damn thare iz just like 10 people thare posting an thot iz it? Whut happened tu this?
10:21 pm
Ah em gitten Mah ass kicked

Grifah iz winning. The fandom luvs a fox. The category iz bout snakes. Heck we nevah see hiz snake in hiz video. Ah bet it iz a worm anyway.

Thare ain't no snake in hiz video. Though it iz kinda hot watch'n it. Ah think Ah need a showah also. A cold one.

Well out thare, Don't let the fawkes of the world win. Just cuz they are sexier look'n. Go wit style, go wit class.

Hell, whot am Ah say'n Ah em gowhen tah lose.

How in the hell did Ah git matched up wit him? Ah asked fo a rock.
10:07 am
Ah iz gitten mah ass kicked
Ah em not surprized really. Them fawkes are like unionized or sumthing.

But if you can vote for a non fawks vote for meh

Ah do have the longest snake aftah all


watch the video
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
9:28 pm
Well all thot iz ovah now. Now unlike othah GoH's Ah did cool stuff. Ah mean Ah gave out beer at Open'n Ceramonies. Ah gave out Beer at the Furry Drama Show and Ah wuz gowhen tah give out beer at Clos'n Ceremonies but thot Jaguar went and gave out mah beer befo Ah could. Damn Spotty Cat!!!

Fangcon wuz great! Ah did not git enoff drink'n though. It wuz a good con and Ah do say yew should go tu it next year.

Oh the Furry Drama Show went well too. Check this out:
Well there it is in it's Gory, um Glory!

Ah think this was really a fursuiter con ovah everything else. Least thot iz whot it seemed tah beh.
Friday, August 10th, 2012
11:59 pm
How tah beh GoH
Beh entertaining! If you make enough people laugh eventually someone will take notice and ask yew tah beh GoH at thare con.

Git involved and help out the cons yew can attend and try to help out those yew can't.


Beh nice tah people.

It might take time but hopefully that good yew do will come back tu yew.

http://www.fangcon.org/ October 26th 2012 will rock

If yew iz a friend of mine Ah ask yew tah show up as Ah em gonna reward all them folks thot have supported me threw the years. Well those thot up at least.
Friday, November 25th, 2011
5:19 am
Fah those who did not know
This cougar is Guest of Honah at some new con in Nashville. It iz called Fang Con. Us Cougars we got fangs so thot iz true. They iz also honoring thot Jugular Jagwar too along with Draconis. Some yew might have heard of him.. All in all it ain't so bad they iz even got sum Bear Named Rhubarb. Supposed tah be some big name musician. Ah have not heard of him in the country music charts so whot gives?

Saturday, October 8th, 2011
12:20 am
Oh Mah Gosh Ah iz Guest of Honah.
Kin yew bahlieve thot? Ah gotta start practicen mah drink'n Ah heard thot them GoH's they git tah drink a lot of booze. No doubt mah ledendary drink'n abilitah haz gotten out. Ah say put yo money in stocks in them local Nashville Liquor stores. We gowhen tah empty them.
Thursday, July 21st, 2011
4:52 am
Well Hi thare. Just thought Ah wood send out a post. Ah been improven my gramma so as yew can see Ah spell mo of mah werds right.

Not much tah say really. Just thought Ah wood give out a shout.

Did Ah mention Ah have dun 25 variety shows so far? Oklacon is coming up next and that will be,... well more then 25.
Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
6:50 pm
Anywon still read this thing?
Well, Ah ain't posted nuthin hare in a long time so Ah thought Ah should.

Ah emceed the Vore-ah-ity show fo Furry Fiesta. It wuz it's furst show all 70's style with acts like Dallas, All in Furmily, The Love boat and of course some stuff from Saturday Night Live and Monty Python too. Mr Bill made an appearance which went ovah purty good.

Ah thought Ah did purty good mahself as folks did laugh at sum of the stuff Ah said when Ah wuz meaning tah be funny.

Good show ovah all. Catch it on Yewtube.
Saturday, December 25th, 2010
12:57 am
Mah Plans
Ah iz stayin up late tahnight.  Ah em hoping tah git won of them flying Reindeer.  I figure won of them will feed meh for a month.  Now for yew start ranting bout them belonging tah Santa  Damn how old they?  They got a whole year tah breed and make sum new wons.  Hey,  I need mah Christmas gift and if it happens tah beh a reindeer fall'n out of the sky so beh it.

Merry Christmus
Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
1:17 pm
The Mutt
Tzup says it iz hiz burthday tahday.  Well if he wuz in Austriasia it wood beh.  But he iz hare in 'Merica so it tahmorrow.  Stupid dawg.

well make that old Dawg feel welcome and wish him a happy burthday.  It ain't like he is gowhen tah have many more once Ah git done wit him
Friday, April 9th, 2010
11:39 pm
It seems Gry fah,...
Found some old Lon chair and iz tryn' tah git meh tah buy it


Thot iz like a 1980's chair.  Ah iz the mastah of comfurt.
Friday, September 18th, 2009
1:52 am
Tayvah wurth watchen!
 From whot Ah have heard thare iz a new show coming on the tube tah watch.  Finlly sumthin wurth watchen.  The show iz called

Cougar Town.  Ah bet it iz gowhen tah have all sorts of cougars in it.  Floridah Cougars,  Californyah Cougars heck even sum of them South
Merican Cougars.

See, yew don't see any shows with Sabertooth Cats in them or Foxes or Dawgs from Austrialian.
Monday, August 17th, 2009
7:22 pm
Guess whot Ah got?
Looks like Ah got mah Photo taken in the Newpapah!! And this time it ain't fo bein drunken and disordahly.

How bout thot?


See no photos of no dumb Sabah toothed Cats either.

Saturday, April 18th, 2009
4:49 pm
FFFF Stuff
Hare Ah went and got a nice white dress and got all gussied up fo whot?  Did Ah even git nominated?  Hail no.  See if Ah evah dress up fah yew evah agin fandom.

Ah wuz eyeing this won Blue cocktail dress but othah then thot hail no.
Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
7:24 pm
Tzup iz leaving on a Jet Plane, Don't know when he will be back agin
Ah iz sorry tah say thot Tzup is leaving Iowa tah fly tu San Francisco then tah fly out of the country

Ah will miss him dearly

Ah Kinnot wait till he returns

Ah ain't really sure how long he will be gone fo this time.

But Ah em shore it ain't long enough
April Fools.  Mahbeh he will stay gone this time.

Mangy Mutt
Monday, March 30th, 2009
10:31 pm
Ah dun charity werk
   See fo once Ah wuz not the charity cause.  Ah went out and werked to slave tah halp them werse off then mahself.  Ah raised ovah $200 dahlahs.   Man thot is a lot of beer.   Well anyway OkiedokiCoyote, Gah what a long name, he had me come tah this event.  Personally Ah wood call it a Poor man's Nascar.  Yep,  Roller Derby.    At Furst Ah thought Mark Roller wood beh thare but he must git a share of that Roller Money in a check latah on.   See yew got all these women on skates all wanting tah beh the one in the lead.  Now must mix this with mud wrasling and Ah wood beh thare all the time.

Anyway the money goes tah a good cause but Ah missed the thank yew fo meh at the end of the event.  Crud.  Well mahbeh next time.

By the way that Jaguar left his computah on and Ah got a post in on et.  See them spotty cats ain't all thot smart.
Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
3:28 pm
Nbowa don't love me no mo
  Ah em shure Nbowa don't luv  meh no mo.  In his post har: http://nbowa.livejournal.com/257036.html?view=1610508#t1610508
He is all talking bout respectin folks fo how they talk.

Now a couple of folks talk bout meh.  Sew iz Nbowa talk'n bout in kinda secret way of say thot Calamity Cougah,  He don't talk right Ah have
no rsepect fo him no mo?

Ah em speechless, Which Ah guess iz what folks whont.

Current Mood: Davidstated
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
1:19 pm
Mah nu favorite Booze
  It iz called Wild Honey.  It has Honey in it with Bourbon.  OOoOoooo it iz soo good.   The Jaguar likes it also cuz he likes maken them
Mint Julips with it. Sounds like a sissy drink tah meh.
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